The aim of the Gender, Care and Citizenship Network is to share and exchange results amongst specialised analysts and to review theoretical approaches to care, global chains and transnational care, gender and citizenship. It intends not only to provide a space for the presentation of these results, but also to act as a forum for debate and a consolidated scientific network for studies into these areas, promoting actions designed to bring these fields of study together.

Below is a list of some of the Network’s specific objectives:

    To bring to the fore areas of research centred on analysing ‘care’, with particular focus on those that include aspects relating to gender and transnationalism.
  1. To advance in the knowledge and analysis of formal and informal care, its tendency towards privatisation and the influence of public policies on family care strategies
  2. To encourage the creation of new research projects amongst members of the network.
  3. To create closer ties and exchange between experts and young researchers.
  4. To encourage young researchers to study these fields and improve their knowledge, skills and experience.
  5. To promote a regional comparative analysis of ‘care’ in Spain.
  6. To promote inter and multi disciplinary studies in these areas.
  7. To generate contact between scholars, public decision makers and stakeholders.
  8. To generate an inter-disciplinary space for thought and debate, providing visibility and circulating care-related studies carried out from varying perspectives.
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