Colloquium – Book Launch “Políticas de control migratorio”

17 March 2012

Place: Fnac A Coruña, Plaza Eusebio da Guarda s/n

Time: 18.30h

Colloquium on the occasion of the launch of the book entitled “Políticas de control migratorio. Estudio comparado de España y EE.UU.”, coordinated by Antonio Izquierdo and Wayne Cornelius and edited by Bellaterra, 2012. 

The participants in the debate will the journalist Tino Santiago (specialized in political and economic information) and the authors of the book: Antonio Izquierdo Escribano, Concha Carrasco Carpio (Senior Lecturer in Economy at the University Alcalá de Henares), Antía Pérez Caramés and Belén Fernández Suárez (Lecturers in Sociology at the University of Coruña).