Network objectives

The principal aim of the ‘Migration, Gender and Development’ network is to bring together a number of researchers in order to make significant progress in this field, presenting the results and coming up with new work proposals. Below is a list of the specific objectives of this network:

  • To exchange information and discuss progress made in the research projects carried out.
  • To improve and innovate in research methods applied to the study of migrations and development.
  • To detect emerging trends and ideas in this area of migration and development.
  • To provide advice for the reformulation of public policies.
  • To design and draw up joint research proposals for opportunities both on a Spanish and international level.
  • To generate joint knowledge and know-how by sharing the results of the research projects participants are involved in.
  • To design specialisation and innovation strategies in this area.
  • To design joint publications.
  • To train junior researchers in this field.
  • To present the results of the research carried out to the scientific community by organising seminars and workshops.
  • To create strategies for the transfer of research results to the productive sector and public administrations.
  • To make recommendations for the implementation of policies associated with migration and development from the perspective of gender.
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