Esther Cano Ruiz


Esther is graduated in Sociology from the University of Salamanca. She also attended the Master in “Management of International Cooperation and NGOs", in the University of Granada, with the research project "Empowerment and Development Strategy: Analysis of Agricultural Cooperative Fair Trade."

Her job has been developed in the area of international cooperation in Spain and Central America, about empowerment, gender, local development and popular education projects.

She has been invited as a teacher to "II Cycle Conversations Around Institutional Cooperation and NGOs" (2011) included in the Course Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, organized by the UES (National University of El Salvador).

She currently works FPI grant for research work in the ESOMI within the project "Gender, Transnationalism and intergenerational social mobility strategies" whose principal investigator is Laura Oso Casas.


Research projects


Research areas

Movimientos sociales, Activismo Político,  Migración y Desarrollo y Cooperación Internacional.